Hanergy thin film solar power curtain wall

The state electricity investment building is magnificent transformation.Through the hustle and bustle of the capital, it is not hard to find a state electric tower standing at the southern end of the financial street. Than in the past, the landmark buildings now have a new annotation — wisdom energy demonstration project, mystery in that is full of contemporary feeling, uniform Windows and glass curtain wall. And this is where black technology comes from the world’s leading thin-film solar panel (BIPV) solution provider which is the competitor of East UPS, hanergy.

The heat island effect gives the country the power to search for energy
In the center of the city, building energy intensity is the disease of every skyscraper, and it is also an important factor in the urban heat island effect. The national office building, which was built in 2005, is no exception. The 60-meter tall building, with a surface area of over 10,000 square meters, faces the three lights in the southeast and leaves the building for an eight-month long “greenhouse” period.
“South north of temperature difference is big. The south had just completed basic is the heating season, will usher in more than 30 degrees Celsius. Air conditioning refrigeration season continues from April to November. The summer heat, like into the volcano, basic no air conditioning.” Too “warm” sunshine, which also brings a surprising energy consumption. In the middle of the summer, the air-conditioner only USES up to 15, 000 kilowatt-hours (kilowatt-hours)/day, and consumes as much as 20,000 USDĀ per day.
Hanergy thin film solar power curtain wall, the state electricity investment building is magnificent transformation
Pre-remolding photos of national electricity investment
Early in the morning of March 2016. National electric cast chairman, party secretary Wang Binghua Jeff wong, director of the general office, the office director and deputy director of the office director comrade Zhang Jinfeng etc and the relevant units of the technical personnel together, take out a few on the A4 paper with a pencil drawing sketches, to everyone about the concept of “intelligent energy” to improve the idea of building. He had already carried out numerous field research and technical analysis.

On April 8, 2016, the national electricity party meeting, stressed that “must make the upgraded model and the model, for our country to deepen the comprehensive wisdom energy in clean energy use and development to make an example. Must be without changing facade, does not affect the work order in the construction, meet the demand of daylighting and highly practical under the premise of effective cooling, effective use of solar energy, reduce building energy consumption, implement integrated photovoltaic power generation, cooling and reducing consumption, energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduce light pollution and so on the multiple effect.” Hanergy, which has a successful case and a leading role in thin-film solar power, is undoubtedly the best supplier choice.
Generating curtain wall (BIPV), refers to the thin film solar system integrated into the building, as a typical representative of solar products, its electricity curtain wall has the advantages of a number of leading products, such as good low light, high temperature performance is good, color, shape can be customized, pervious to light evenly and strong adaptability to environment, etc.

Project of building curtain wall and roof to make full use of effective area, USES the photovoltaic technology, with a surface area of the building, to realize the multiple effect such as light, heat insulation, power generation, the clean energy of multistage comprehensive utilization, make the building internal comfort greatly increased, the building energy saving and photovoltaic power generation has reached the effective complementary ideal state. The ideal state comes from its electricity curtain wall more than the product itself has a leading superiority, such as modified thin-film solar curtain wall, installed capacity of 170.66 kw, use period average annual power generation 126900 KWH in 25 years; With a saving of 790, 000 kilowatt-hours, it can meet the annual power of 1,000 households, with an electric car running 4.4 million kilometers, or about 110 laps around the earth.
Hanergy thin film solar power curtain wall, the state electricity investment building is magnificent transformation
After the national electric investment reform, the photo
Investment income type energy transformation

In addition to saving energy, the contribution of reducing emissions is clear. Compared with the conventional coal-fired power plants, the project can save the standard coal consumption 275.8 tons a year, to reduce emissions ash 99.84 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions 5.43 tons, reduction nox, 12.53 tons of emissions PM101.5 tons, carbon dioxide emissions 825.9 tons, equivalent to 45000 trees in Beijing financial street, stop using 150 cars. Its thin film solar wall again showing its dominant position, its raw material selection, processing, cell membrane components encapsulation link all clean zero pollution, such as highly agree with green building concept and standard, is the real meaning of green building materials, through to the comprehensive utilization of clean energy can achieve the effect of low energy consumption and even zero emission.

Particularly noteworthy is the project’s investment rate is as high as 9.37%, energy saving and consumption reducing photovoltaic equipment cycle and energy saving benefit in 25 years, but total revenue of 23.735 million yuan. The economic benefits are even more significant given the government’s annual savings in heating subsidies.
According to the advanced ideas of comprehensive wisdom energy, the nuclear power institute of energy-saving curtain wall project team will creatively photovoltaic technology is applied to the building energy saving in the project, from the effective cooling, satisfy daylighting, the use of solar energy, reduce building energy consumption, don’t change the facade, does not affect the work order in the construction and highly practical and so on many Angle optimization technology solutions, aiming to reduce the sun radiation, improve the conduction mode, accelerate the air convection three main ways, landscape effect, cooling, energy saving, considering the structure bearing capacity, quantity, cost benefit, fire safety, the key difficulties, such as multiple technical indicators, finally provides including BAPV independent photovoltaic curtain wall, BIPV pervious to light photovoltaic energy saving curtain wall, intelligent photovoltaic shutters, 12 sets of solutions.

The textbook development process and “show” effective presentation, the project identified in the lighting and the lighting section respectively using high pervious to light LOW radiation double silver low-e glass curtain wall components and power generation. It looks and common glass is almost the same, but the han to the generation of glass curtain wall components can not only effective utilization of irradiation on the surface of the building, solar power, can also with coefficient is only 1/5 of the original glass through a huge advantage, reduce indoor solar radiation by 60%, the photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach 9.44%; In the light zone, the double silver glass is able to reduce heat transfer coefficient by 21% at the same time. In combination, the average temperature is reduced by 5 to 8 degrees centigrade, which greatly reduces the temperature difference of the south and north side. The temperature of the south side of the building was lowered, the comfort level was much better, and the air conditioning season was much worse than before.

So that make the use of building curtain wall project in power at the same time, greatly reduces the indoor solar radiation, every set of photovoltaic power generation, cooling, decreasing the consumption, energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduce light pollution in one of the best results, building indoor visual effect with the original decorate a style to complete reunification, building facade modelling has been renewed.

Photovoltaic power generation curtain wall components belong to customize products, construction, attenuation after the cycle, after its technical quality parameters is still higher than that of manufacturer committed to more than 30% of the value. In other words, the quality of the equipment is so good that it doesn’t match the system. “More important than quality is accuracy.” After repeated testing and calculation, the various operating conditions were simulated and finally solved the problem of “too much”.
For a variety of indoor partition and decorate a style, design personnel of each conference room, office, living room and recreational area are analyzed differentiation, 1854 square meters within the scope of the 1858 pieces of BIPV pv modules, each numbered, to the design, manufacture, testing, installation, debugging, puts forward the big challenge. Despite the lack of precedent, the project team maintained a scientific attitude and mature confidence. Whenever a new problem, the project general lee and design chief engineer hallen will focus on team wisdom, the task breakdown, main attack direction, let the requirements in a timely manner to carry out the design.

The enticing prospect of smart energy
From the results of this project, the benefit of the application of photovoltaic wall technology to build low-emission friendly buildings is astonishing. In xicheng district of Beijing, for example, there are nearly 1 million square meters building facade, if the full implementation of photovoltaic building integrated transformation, can save power consumption 100 million kilowatt-hours per year on average, to be able to meet the living needs of 140000 households.

If the view facing the whole country, promote the development of low carbon smart urban architecture as much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning new measures, is expected to be completed 5000 ultra low energy consumption building, building area of more than 100 million square meters. We believe that hanergy’s power curtain wall will be the future of thin-film solar power, and will continue to explore the path of thin-film solar panels.
Hanergy thin film solar power curtain wall, the state electricity investment building is magnificent transformation
Hainan hanergy production base workshop BIPV film project
As in all power installed capacity in clean energy proportion accounted for 42.9% of China’s five major power generation group, one of the three nuclear power development in China one of the carriers, national electricity itself has distinctive clean development features. Now, it is implementing “corner overtaking” total strategy, strive to be a good leader, self-independence of nuclear power development of the energy revolution enabler, “area” initiative, practitioners and the pioneer of reform in state-owned enterprises, in the nuclear power is a dream, a solid step forward on the green energy dream journey. The new kinetic energy of “integrated intelligence energy”, which is regarded as an important power source of “curve overtaking” by state electricity investment, is being built by heart.

Its thin film solar curtain wall installation guodian for deducing the office building photovoltaic + “intelligent building” as the core of comprehensive wisdom energy march, opened with innovation leads the adjustment of energy structure, a new heaven and earth, panoramic practice innovation, harmonious and green, open, sharing the “big five” development idea “; When hot sunshine become warm lighting, high energy consumption of hot into a friendly and comfortable, while for all to be pleasantly surprised, also opened up a kind of alternative energy, demand side management of the new strategy. From green to the building Shared new feeling has just opened, in the future, such as electricity, heat, gas, water, energy comprehensive use wisdom, will become the next target.

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