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2017 (3rd) China solar pv online exhibition opens today

At 9:00 this morning, China high-tech industry portal hosted by OFweek, the China Solar PV Online Expo 2017 (China Solar PV Online Expo 2017) was officially inaugurated. East Ups as the high Lever Partner take party in this meeting.

East Ups

The online exhibition for two days, to gather from the photovoltaic industry chain outstanding enterprises and products in different areas, for domestic and East Ups industry supply and demand both sides to provide a brand collection, information dissemination, technology exchange and trade negotiation of high-quality online communication platform, and for the attendees and guests fully display the current pv industry the latest technology, product and project solution!

Relying on the actual experience of the previous two exhibitions, the organizer East Ups has created a more functional, more powerful and unprecedented online event for the industry. Surprising is that OFweek APP on-line injected new energy for the photovoltaic online exhibition, the exhibition period, through the mobile phone, computer or any mobile device can enter the expo exhibition at any time, let you never leave home, easily to control time opportunity!
Cut-off time, new energy, suzhou tong wei teng CDH photovoltaic (pv), ningbo kam wave grain Max power, new energy, hangzhou FengZhi (Shanghai) new energy, sea embellish photovoltaic (pv), Qingdao, shenzhen yuan ding tai jing showers of electronic Lin, Beijing, ningbo, China new, lang’s new energy, Beijing dongrun can ring, Ed cox, shenzhen alum electric, Shanghai zhao can, wuxi to recognize the “science and technology, such as dozens of well-known enterprise registration participation from photovoltaic industry chain upstream and downstream.

Dozens of companies East Ups have brought the latest for this exhibition, the coolest, the most flattering photovoltaic products, including photovoltaic module, photovoltaic inverter, inverter data collector, arc detector, high-performance simulation photovoltaic solar power, photovoltaic “+” project, the photovoltaic industry APP, distributed monitoring operation management system and other solar products.

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