Cheap Nixon Watches Infinite creative common pointer design

Time shows that there are many different methods, digital clocks use digital display time, and the first mechanical Cheap Nixon Watches clock does not even have a dial, which is reported by the ringing of the bell. Other examples include hourglass, water leaks and candle clocks. Quirky include the creative timepieces of Urwerk, MB&F and Ressence.

In spite of this, most of the watches are relying on the pointer on the dial shows time information, the watchmaker, show the rich creativity in moulding pointer (or for practical, or for other purpose).

The style of the pointer is the integral part of the design of the wristwatch. It’s hard to list a detailed list, and this article will show you the most common pointer design in the wristwatch.
Knife needle (Alpha)
The knife, as a knife, has a wide needle tail, which is connected to the center of the dial through a small rod handle. Example: the Parmesan Metrographe watch.
Arrow needle
The needle of an arrow needle is an arrow (class triangle), usually used for sports or technical watches. Example: Cheap Nixon Watches seahorse series Marine cosmic wristwatch.
A rod or Stick.
The bar needle is also called patton pin, straight and narrow, and the minimalist lines fit perfectly into the wristwatch. Example: the count Altiplano series of watches.
Breguet (Breguet)
Some brands refer to this as the “Pomme” needle (the French “apple”, because it has a hollowed-out ring near the tip), but the term “breguet needle” is more widely accepted. Breguet has left an indelible mark on the history of tabulating, many parts or designs are named for this, besides treasure ji needle, and treasure ji and treasure ji to go around the silk. The breguet needle was designed in the late 18th century. Example: breguet Classique 7147 watches.
Church needle (Cathedral)
The church needle is a classic configuration of military watches, but is also widely used in different types of wrist watches with a wide range of hours and needles.

The shape of the fluorescent material on the hands is reminiscent of stained-glass Windows, and the “church” may well be the inspiration. Example: montblanc 1858 chronograph tachymeter chronograph bronze limited edition.
Dauphine (Dauphine)
The toffee is one of the most classical and popular pointer types. The toffee pins and needles are triangular in shape and processed. The word “Dauphine” is “Dauphin”, the crown prince of France. Example: baozillai malulon’s external dynamic storage watch.
Fleur DE Lys.
The pointer has a lovely name and is decorated with a lily style pattern. This symbol is often found in heraldry, and it is found in countless European emblems, especially as a symbol of the French royal family. Example: Czapek Quai des Bergues watch.
The spear is similar to a knife-shaped needle, but is usually thinner. Example: Schwarz Etienne Roma power store displays a wristwatch
Leaf needles (Leaf or Feuille)
Willow needle, shape like its name, middle width, two ends narrow, just like a leaf of willow. This pointer is ideal for classic, low-key designs. Example: Henry Moses, the brave man of the year calendar.
Mercedes Benz
“Mercedes” comes from a triangular star in the clockwise, similar to a mercedes-benz logo.

Rolex has never explained why it might have been associated with a car brand, or perhaps for other reasons. In any case, the Mercedes needle provides ample room for the fluorescent material. Visually, this design also helps to distinguish the hands of the hands and other hands in a weak light environment. Example: rolex explorer I.
Diving needle (Plongeur)
“Plongeur” means “diver” in French. Plongeur usually refers to a diving pointer, especially the Cheap Nixon Watches pointer, with a straight, clockwise combination of a sharper and more prominent sword, while the minute hand is often highlighted in orange. Example:Cheap Nixon Watches seahorse series Ploprof 1200 meter diving watch.
Injection needle (Syringe)
The elegant “injection” pin gets its name. The needle is composed of a bucket body and a needle tip, like a medical syringe, and the perfect design adds elegance to the watch. Example: patek philippe Ref.5320G calendar wristwatch.
The snow needle is unique to the rudder, and the brand USES it to assemble certain diving watches. The pointer is said to be based on the French navy’s requirement that wristwatch Pointers are easy to identify in a diving environment. Example: tiller qi qi chengbi curved wrist watch.
Spade Spade
Black peach needle body long, pinky like the black peach pattern in poker. The Athens wristwatch, pictured above, is equipped with spades and Whip. Example: the Athens watch navigation series navigator wrist watch.
Sword or Glaive
The sword, as the name suggests, is shaped like a sword blade. Many Cartier watches are equipped with such Pointers. Example: Cartier Drive DE Cartier

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