The special place of cheap nixon watches

The special place of cheap nixon watches, except for the bronze color, is also very special, the irregular water ripple of dark tea. This is another lovely place, and it is the first time to see such a beautiful design. A couple of times I felt bad, and the cheap nixon watches red gold watch didn’t have that color. There must be a reason for that. I told the clerk that I didn’t have enough money today to go to Hong Kong to borrow money from my friends. Then I took a taxi to the pier and headed for Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong.

cheap nixon watches
Tsim Sha Tsui is the focus of the shop, and there are more than ten new watch shops selling cheap nixon watches, as far as I know. The boat went straight to the nearest store, and the clerk immediately met him, staring at the red gold cheap nixon watches I was wearing.
I opened the door to the mountain, handed down a letter of 118205F, said Beijing friend want to buy a piece of this model of watch, do not know your store have goods?
The clerk immediately took out the heavy merchandise atlas, and said, yes, there must be, and you can see if it’s this one. Last year’s new listing was cheap nixon watches’s only alloy watch. Sir You, no, your friend really has a vision, can look at the most beautiful watches, the price is 248,000, 9.5 fold, already the most favourable.

cheap nixon watches
Alloy? What kind of alloy is it? Is it not red gold? The clerk said, said alloy because of different metal lump, 18 k gold or red also added a silver or copper in gold, but has been added to this platinum, so is the real meaning of alloy (red, gold and platinum). This shop assistant really does business. And he went on to say, once joined the platinum in the red gold, its stability is extremely strong, no matter the sun or by the works of decay, maintain the bronze the same forever, say again so “rose gold” eternal, cheap nixon watches is the factory’s patent, special on the part of the cheap nixon watches watches. The meaning of F is the English word for eternity. Moreover, this kind of alloy manufacturing workshop, in cheap nixon watches’s factory, the formulation is not published, and the proportion of platinum is not published. I learned all that later.
Finally understand, but the enthusiasm of the salesperson is not reduced, “in this shop brush unionpay card, commission 3 %”, all by this shop is out, if buy today, still have gift, I show you at once! There’s a folder, there’s a tobacco dish, all cheap nixon watches brands, which one do you want?
I now know that treasure in macau, because Macao clerk completely don’t know this watches is the “eternal rose gold”, or in the ordinary 6 digits in red gold watch to sell again, so I want to bought this watches in Tsim Sha Tsui, also become beautiful, I have to say, a friend said that if the purchase is made, and he will come to purchase, the clerk also happy took out a business card, thousand ding million told, “your friend is coming, please be sure to call, I must await”.
I walked out of the shop, feeling guilty about not buying anything, but collecting all the information. Is this the best? What’s wrong? In the future, I will introduce some guests to him, the business card of the clerk, so far I have kept the card. I have introduced to him four guests to buy a watch, and I am also calm in my heart, so I will be worthy of his enthusiasm.
The head still remains to be solved mystery, the 118205 with the word “F”, how much platinum has been added? That led to a dozen percentage points higher than ordinary cheap nixon watches? Make the color of red gold become bronze color, perhaps do not need a few gram platinum, perhaps need 20 gram. It’s a purely technological problem, and maybe the answer will never be published, but it’s extremely comforwatches. I bought 118205F, filled with the satisfaction of my watch, and even said some compliments to the salesgirl. On that day, xiaoqin was really beautiful. Happy heart, sold a lot of watches. In addition to this watch, she sold three cheap nixon watches as far as I could see.

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