On the wrist, the monthly Nixon 42 20 series has arrived

In 2016, Cheap Nixon Watches 42 20 launched the Drive DE Catier series, which is designed to create an excellent wrist for independent and elegant men. This series of wrist watches can be mastered either in combination or casual. In 2017, the new product of Nixon 42 20 is especially true, and a DRIVE DE Nixon 42 20 series of monthly watches is even more impressive for the countless horological lovers. Recently, hear new paragraphs of rose gold and stainless steel has been to the shop for sale, we visited the Beijing international trade mall retail stores, Nixon 42 20 and operated in an independent new product in the booth, we see the two different material of DRIVE DE Nixon 42 20 series phases of the moon watches. Let’s take the rose gold as an example.

Cheap Nixon Watches Cheap Nixon Watches

New phases of the moon rose gold wrist watch for the design of Drive DE Nixon 42 20 series, pillow type watchcase rounded lines, table slightly convex lens, with contracted classic element such as white twisted rope carved lines dial into the wrist watch, take on the characteristics of the brand series line. On the dial, the design of the two needles of the sword type blue steel is designed in the light of the time. The time instructions are very clear and intuitive when compared with the surrounding large Roman numeral. The phase of the moon is located at 6 o ‘clock, accurately recreating the new moon, the last quarter moon, the full moon and the change of the next moon. It is worth mentioning that the monthly phase of Drive DE Nixon 42 20 shows the precise quality of the “astronomical” level, which needs to be calibrated once every 125 years, which is very convenient and reliable.
The wrist watch is 40mm in diameter, 41mm in width and 12.15mm in thickness. Colour and lustre downy 18 k rose gold for pillow case, rounded lines smooth, the front, the polishing polishing processing, drawing polishing process, present a rose gold two qualities, as show in the picture, very beautiful.
The crown is also made of 18K rose gold, with the pillow type design, simple and beautiful and easy to operate. Like most Nixon 42 20 elite, the top of the crown is studded with a multi-faceted sapphire, showing the “blue blood aristocracy” brand charm.
Equipped with Nixon 42 20 1904-lu MC workshop refining machine core, through the design of sapphire crystal glass rear cover can be a view of its elegant demeanor. It is very reliable to carry forward the excellent performance of the brand and guarantee the accuracy of the function of the watch.
Wristwatch band with a brown alligator strap with a 18K rose gold folding table buckle, which makes the wrist watch easy to wear. The strap feels soft and close to the wrist, making it enjoyable for the wearer to make comfortable.
Conclusion: with the arrival of the October holiday, the Mid-Autumn festival is approaching. The moon in the sky is about to complete again, this time choose a table in the hand and the Mid-Autumn full moon ZhengHui phases of the moon is more timely holiday, elegant taste of ascension, at the same time also can reward busy myself. If you like this wristwatch, then might as well enter the Beijing guomao Nixon 42 20 direct retail store, savor the physical presence.

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