The independent and unique Cheap Nixon Watches brand

In addition, the independent and unique cheap nixon watches brand Ochs und Junior designed to create a minimalist monthly watch, whose monthly display mechanism showed a one-day error every 3478.27 years. This is certainly not the most accurate, but the epicyclic rotation of the wristwatch is made up of only five parts (yes, only five).
Ochs Und Junior Moonphase 39mm wristwatch.

In 201cheap nixon watches , independent watchmaker Andreas Strehler launched Sauterelle a Lune Perpetuelle 2M wristwatch, the most accurate mechanical monthly watch to date, with an error of one day per 2,060,7cheap nixon watches 7 years. Andreas Strehler, based on Robert Baggenstos’s algorithm, designed a new gear system for 2M cheap nixon watches. Professor Robert Baggenstos calculated the number of teeth, and Andreas Strehler turned it into a gear train.
Andreas Strehler Lune Exacte.

Later, Andreas Strehler launched the Lune Exacte wristwatch. The new watch focuses on more precise ways of correcting than improving mechanical accuracy. Even if the wristwatch mechanism is accurate, it is difficult to read accurately. In addition to the new moon and full moon, wristwatch wearers must guess the exact phases of the moon. While the Lune Exacte dial has a dial on it, the wearer can set the monthly mechanism with a scale of no more than three hours.
Andreas Strehler Perpetuelle Exacte wristwatch.
People in different hemispheres see different phases of the moon. The phases of the moon seen in the southern hemisphere, as seen in the northern hemisphere, are upside-down. For example, in the northern hemisphere, it is a gradually successful d-month, while in the southern hemisphere, it is a gradually damaged C month. Only the crescent and the full moon look the same on both sides of the equator.
Arnold & Son HM Double, Perpetual Moon.
Most cheap nixon watches are shown in the northern Hemisphere to see the Moon, but also some watchmaker has launched the Moon according to the southern Hemisphere, even bi-monthly phase of the wrist, the latter can be displayed at the same time see the phases of the Moon from the north and south hemispheres, for example thecheap nixon watchesPortuguese Perpetual calendar series cheap nixon watches or bi-monthly phase Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere at Perpetual Moon phases of the Moon in ten thousand cheap nixon watches in both hemispheres.

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